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We recently had the privilege of maintaining Nikki’s microbladed eyebrows. Nikki is an editor at Style Caster. We did her brows for the first time 1.5 years ago. She came back to get them freshened up. Hear first hand how much she loved the experience. Thanks again Nikki, it was a pleasure doing your eyebrows! – Kendra Bray

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Better Brows changed my life!

“Better Brows changed my life! I have always felt insecure about my (lack of) brows and wouldn’t even think of leaving my apartment without penciling them in. When I first heard of microblading, the process scared me a bit as it is fairly new. I am also a model so the thought of performing something permanently on my face was a bit scary. I found Better Brows on Instagram and the before and after pics were convincing enough to pick up the phone.   Kendra couldn’t have been nicer. She is extremely patient and understanding and worked with me to create a shape that worked with my face. The process was a tad uncomfortable (think bikini wax) and I did bleed a tad but she had prepared me for that. I just finished my touch up session and I am amazed with the results! I no longer have to put my brows on every morning or fix them up mid-day. I have had several people ask me what I have done with my face, saying my eyes look bigger and brighter :)”

Janice P.

Would definitely recommend

“I was hesitant going into the appointment as I don’t deal with pain very well. When I walked in, and Kendra was the most welcoming, kind person, I was put at ease. She went over step by step of what I could expect during the two hours, and is an absolute perfectionist. Two months later and I am still obsessed with my brows. I wake up every morning feeling confident thanks to her artistry! Would definitely recommend if you’re looking to get yours done.”

Emily S.

Kendra is amazing!!

“This review is long overdue but if you’re interested in microblading, Kendra is amazing!! I have always had really thin eyebrows and color them in daily so that I don’t look like a skeleton. Thankfully I am really good at doing my own eyebrows, but it’s hard to keep them looking good if I want to go swimming at the beach, sweat through a gym class or even go to sleep without makeup on. I went in with my eyebrows drawn on so that Kendra would know how I like them and then she took it from there. If you don’t know how to do your eyebrows, Kendra is great about asking questions about your desired look and letting you see the shape before actually microblading them on. The procedure itself can be a little painful but she puts numbing cream first that really helps & then cream after to help soothe them. You have a complimentary follow up appointment where you can point to areas that you’d like more fullness or if you want to darken them. From there, it’s all about maintenance and following the directions Kendra lays out for you so that they last. I’m posting a photo that shows before, right after the procedure and now 10 months later. I color my eyebrows in now again just because I like them to be as dark as they were right after I got them done, but I would still go out in public without anything on them because they still look great! Thanks again Kendra!!”

Diana R.

A Life-changing experience

“I chose Better Brows after doing extensive research online, including reading reviews here on Yelp, and I’m so glad I did. Kendra was friendly, patient, and professional, and she put me at ease throughout the entire process. I have trichotillomania (a hair-pulling disorder) and I had very little brow hair left by the time I went to Kendra, after years and years of pulling it out. At the time, I couldn’t leave my apartment without penciling my brows in, and I could forget about working out, swimming, etc. — all of those activities were a nightmare. Still, I was hesitant about microblading due to my fear of ending up with unnatural-looking “Sharpie brows.” Even after I decided to go for it, I still didn’t want anyone to notice that I’d had anything done. Well, people noticed alright, but in the best way possible — I frequently get comments from friends, coworkers, and acquaintances about how great my eyebrows look. The shape flatters my face, the color is just right, and the brows look so natural. I couldn’t be happier — I’d even go so far as to call this a life-changing experience. Thank you, Kendra!”

Anna G.

Kendra is super sweet and professional

“After doing extensive research, I chose Better Brows for my microblading….and I’m not regretting it! Kendra is super sweet and professional. The service I received was beyond my expectations. She did a beautiful job on my brows and I absolutely love them!! I highly recommend her!”

Laura T.

What an awesome experience

“What an awesome experience!!! Did not know what to expect. Kendra was beyond helpful in going over all my questions and concerns. The precision Kendra to shape my brow prior to staring the process was unreal!!! My results are fab!! Still can’t get over what a great job she did – I am so excited to spread the word about Kendra at Better Brows!!”

Beth T.

Gave me my dream brows

“Kendra is an exceptional artist and gave me my dream brows! Highly recommend if you’re looking into microblading.”

Emily Scoular

She went above and beyond to get my brows just the way

“I can’t recommend Kendra more highly. She went above and beyond to get my brows just the way I wanted them. She was also so kind and showed she cared about me as both a client and a person. My brows went from being barely there from years of over plucking to looking full, and natural, and framing my eyes. I no longer have to draw on my eyebrows everyday and I feel much more confident. My makeup routine in the morning is now a breeze. I have received many compliments on my brows from people I told I was getting microblading, and most people don’t even know that they’re microbladed. I’d gone back and forth about the process for a long time but decided to make the plunge and I couldn’t be happier with the choice to do microblading or with my choice with Kendra!!!!”

Audsey Dodge

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