Why Better Brows?

Why choose Better Brows for your Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing needs?

This is actually a great question and one that you should be asking of any permanent makeup service. Why? Because this has to do with your face, your appearance, and the first impression you are going to be delivering wherever you go.

Knowledge, skill, & experience are all critically important in making sure you get EXACTLY what you want from your Microblading technician. I tell all my clients to take the time to understand what you want and who is best to deliver. I never am in a rush to listen to my clients’ desires and answer ALL of their questions. It’s important that you feel comfortable before proceeding, wherever you choose to go for your cosmetic tattoo.

So, “Why Choose Better Brows & Beauty?” is the perfect question to begin the research process!

There has quickly been a rise in the permanent makeup industry with many businesses and individuals offering services such as microblading, semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattoos, and more. How do you know who to choose?

First, there is no such thing as a perfect artist for everyone. Your wants and needs are different than the next customer’s wants and needs. It would be impossible for one artist to be perfect for every customer in every situation. However, I personally pride myself on the below traits that I think add to my value as a microblading and permanent makeup artist in New York City, and I suggest these traits are ones you should consider when deciding on your artist. If the below traits are ones you hold important, than it is more than likely you have found the perfect fit for all your permanent make-up needs.

1. Safety First

First and foremost, I take safety, cleanliness, and all legal and NY State regulatory guidelines very serious. I do not just follow the regulations and cover the “bare minimums”, I exceed them. My work area is pristine and all of my equipment is up to code, technically sound, and functioning correctly. If there are any signs of health concerns prior or post procedure, I simply will delay until whatever issue is in question. I carry all necessary certifications, am continuously staying in front of the curve on education, training, and industry techniques. Having been a model myself, I am very particular of who I let into my personal space, let alone actually make changes to my appearance whether permanent or not, so I am very sensitive and understanding to anyone placing their appearance in my hands.

2. Honesty & Expectations

Let’s face it. If I don’t have happy clients, I don’t have a growing business. I pride myself on being honest with every client and properly setting their expectations. Not every client and/or skin type is right for every procedure. I will make sure to discuss this with every client and explain why I recommend one procedure over another for them as an individual. After meeting and discussing what you are looking to achieve, maybe none of these procedures are right for you. I will be honest and tell you. The last thing I want is someone to go ahead with a cosmetic tattoo that is not what they ultimately wanted. Sometimes clients will have unrealistic expectations of what we can achieve with microblading or another eyebrow tattoo treatment. I will make sure to discuss that so we don’t set anyone up for disappointment.

3. Aesthetic match

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. What you might think is the best eyebrow is different than what the next person thinks is the best eyebrow. Every microblading artist you go to will result in a different look. Make sure to look at plenty of before & after pictures. My personal aesthetic is a more natural look. If you want a bold dramatic “Instagram brow”, I’m probably not the right artist for you. Referrals are always the best. If you have a friend that has had microblading done, you can see first-hand the healed results.

4. Experience

Experience might seem like a no brainer, but unfortunately this industry is not heavily regulated. There are “schools” that offer 2-day microblading classes. Would you want someone opening your skin that only has 2 days of experience? I would hope not. Continuing education is very important, and I am dedicated to ongoing training but it’s not the only factor. There are some things you simply cannot learn in a classroom. There is no substitute for real life experience. I like to showcase this experience to clients through conversation and I take the time to educate my clients on the procedure and all the possible things to consider to help them make wise decisions that will fulfill their needs.

5. Patience & Sensitivity

I pride myself on the patience that I extend to every client. Some clients have had procedures like this before, but many have not. I treat everyone like it is their first time. I remember how anxious and nervous I was the first time I did a cosmetic tattoo to my face. I allot 3 hours for the first appointment with every new client. We first need to develop a trusting relationship between the two of us, and then need to discuss desired looks and make sure we are both on the same page. For new brow clients we spend a lot of time on designing the shape at the first appointment. I do not want a client to feel rushed in deciding the shape, and I do not want to be rushed doing the work. I truly believe that the patience I offer clients is valuable. I never want a client to feel that they are just a number for the day.