Combo Brows

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Combo Brows

Combo brows offer a technique that combines microblading and shading to give you the perfect brow you desire. At Better Brows & Beauty in Nomad, New York, New York, founder and owner Kendra Bray offers this treatment to enhance the appearance of your brows and give you the confidence you deserve. To book a consultation, call or email the practice today. 

What are combo brows?

Combo brows, short for combination brows, represent a modern and versatile eyebrow enhancement technique that combines elements of both microblading and shading. 

This innovative method aims to achieve a natural yet defined look by combining the precision of microblading with the softness and depth of shading, creating a tailored and multidimensional appearance for your eyebrows.

What does getting combo brows involve?

The process of obtaining combo brows begins with a comprehensive consultation with Kendra. During this initial phase, you collaborate with her to discuss your desired outcome, preferences, and the specific look you wish to achieve. 

This conversation helps her craft a personalized plan based on your facial structure, skin tone, and individual desires.

The procedure typically starts with the microblading technique, which involves using fine, hair-like strokes meticulously drawn onto your skin to imitate natural hair growth. This step focuses on enhancing your brow shape and filling in sparse areas, creating a defined outline and structure for your eyebrows. 

Shading techniques are also incorporated to add depth and density to your brows. This shading process involves softly layering pigment to provide a gradient effect, resulting in a fuller and more polished appearance while complementing the microbladed strokes.

What results can I expect with combo brows?

The combination of microblading and shading in combo brows offers impressive results. The outcome is natural-looking yet enhanced eyebrows with defined shape, dimension, and a seamlessly blended transition between the microbladed strokes and shading. 

This combination technique provides a versatile solution suitable for you if you’re seeking a more defined, fuller appearance for your eyebrows while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

How long will my combo brows last?

The longevity of combo brows varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Individual skin type
  • Lifestyle
  • Skin care routine

Generally, combo brows can last 1-3 years. To maintain the desired look, periodic touch-ups are recommended, ensuring the color and shape remain vibrant and well-defined over time.

To achieve natural yet enhanced eyebrows, call or email the friendly staff at Better Brows & Beauty today to book an appointment. Kendra looks forward to working with you.