Microblading Process

Microblading is a two appointment process. Your first appointment will last around 3 hours. The second appointment will be scheduled between 6-12 weeks after the first appointment and last 1 hour. No one’s brows are perfect after one appointment, which is why the touch-up is included and very important!

Consultation and Design:

Important: Please view our Microblading Pre-Appointment Checklist prior to your appointment.

We will start with a consultation. If you normally wear makeup on the brows, please come with it applied. I like to see how you see yourself everyday. It also gives me an idea of what level of change I will be creating. We will then remove the makeup and look at your natural brows. If you wax, tweeze, or thread your brows, it is best to let it grow out before seeing me. We can then look at your brows in their true natural state. It also gives me more natural brow hair to work with and blend into the design we create. Next we start discussing what you are looking to achieve. If you have picture examples please bring them with you. It only helps our communication and my understanding of what you are looking to achieve. The next step is designing the shape. We spend a lot of time on this step to insure you are happy with the shape, before we ever even begin the microblading. I will start to sketch the shape with a makeup pencil. We will then analyze together. You will give me your feedback and we will tweek the shape until it is your dream eyebrows. Multiple measurements will be taken during this step to ensure symmetry. Your facial anatomy will be considered to find the right shape for you. I will clean up any extra hairs that are outside of our new desired shape. There is no way to show you exactly how the microblading will look before we start, so this discussion about design and sketching together between you and I, helps to ensure we are on the same page.


After you approve the design we apply a numbing cream. The active ingredient is Lidocaine. We will allow the cream to sit for 20 minutes. During this time I have a medical release for you to fill out. I will also verbally talk you through the healing process and aftercare. You will go home with a print out full of instructions and aftercare ointment.


You will be laying flat during this part of the microblading process. I will custom mix your pigment color according to your requests. Many clients want to match their natural eyebrow hair. If you dye your eyebrow hair, please come to the appointment with it freshly dyed to color. I will then prep the area and begin microblading. This part of the appointment lasts about 45 minutes. When I have some of the work done I will start to show you so you can see the progress. This usually relieves anxiety so it’s not a big scary surprise at the end. 🙂 When I am done with the microblading we will analyze them together again. You can give any feedback such as “Can you remeasure this area to make sure we are symmetric?” or “Do you think we could add one more hairstroke right here?”

This is the end of your first appointment. You will then go home and heal for 6 weeks and come back for your touchup appointment.

Touchup appointment:

This appointment lasts 1-1.5hours. We will first clean the area and see how you retained the pigment after your first visit. Next we discuss together where we think we need to add more. We will also confirm if you are happy with the color, or want to alter it a bit. Lastly we numb for 20 minutes, and begin microblading.

You will go through the same healing stages after this appointment. Once healed from your touchup appointment you will be enjoying your new brows hassle free! If you like the look of your microbladed brows and want to keep up with them, many clients find that around the 1 year mark their color is faded enough that they feel they want a color boost and schedule a touchup appointment. This is a one time appointment where we just add more color concentration back into the brows. If you decide you do not want to keep up with your microbladed brows, most color will be out of the skin by years 2-3.

Microblading Pre-Appointment Checklist

What do I need to know before my Microblading appointment:

1.) Clients must be at least 18 years old according to New York State law.

2.) We can not work on clients that are currently on blood thinning medications or Acutane.

3.) We can not work on clients that are prone to keloid scarring or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

4.) We can not work on clients that are pregnant or nursing.

5.) Please schedule any botox and filler appointments AT LEAST 2 weeks before your microblading appointment, or wait until afterwards.

6.) Discontinue Retinol products a minimum of 3 days before your appointment.

7.) You will need to keep running water off the brows for the first week. Do not schedule right before a beach vacation.

8.) If you have had a chemical peel or laser treatment, please schedule a minimum of 2 weeks afterwards.

9.) Do not tweeze, wax, or thread your eyebrows before your appointment. It is best to see the brows in their natural state. After the shape is designed we will remove any hair that is outside that shape.

10.) If you have a preexisting eyebrow tattoo you must speak with us before your appointment.

11.) Please come to your appointment with your makeup on how you wear it day to day. It will help to start our conversation. We will then remove and clean.

12.) Bring any reference photos to the appointment.

13.) Do not drink an excessive amount of Alcohol the day before your appointment.