Read about how to take care of your microbladed brows for years to come.

“Most clients find that at the year mark, their shape is still visible, but the color is muted and they want more color concentration. At that point, clients come in for a one-time color-boost appointment. I just add more color concentration into the shape and lines that already exist,” says Kendra Bray, founder of Better Brows & Beauty in NYC (and the only person I trust with my brows).

The shape and color will continue to fade if you skip color-boosting altogether. If that’s the case, generally speaking, some amounts of pigment will remain in the skin after two years, and by the third, most of it will be gone. “Long-term maintenance must be done methodically to continue to have a natural look,” says Bray. The moral of this story is that while a color touch-up works for one person, that may not be the case for someone else.

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nikki brows 1 5 Things I Learned After Refreshing My Microbladed Eyebrowsnikki brows 2 5 Things I Learned After Refreshing My Microbladed Eyebrows


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