Nylon: Don’t Let Oily Skin Stop You From Trying Microblading


ne of the basic tenets of beauty is that we should take care of our eyebrows because they frame our face. For too long, my face has been framed like a poster haphazardly hung on a dorm room wall. Thanks to genetics, not only did my brows not grow in as fully as I wanted, but they naturally look like a slightly more subtle version of The People’s Eyebrow (thanks, Mom). To get the look I desired, I’d get my eyebrows threaded and tinted, but I’m embarrassingly lazy when it comes to personal upkeep that I can’t do on my own—if I could give myself a dental checkup to avoid scheduling an appointment with my dentist, I would. I long fantasized about a world in which I could wake up with naturally perfect brows. So once I learned about microblading, my prayers were answered.

Or so I thought. The more I researched, the more it seemed that genetics would block my blessing yet again—based on what I read, having oily skin meant that the eyebrow tattoo wouldn’t heal properly (again, Mom). Still, I couldn’t find any first-person accounts of people with oily skin having microblading done, so I set out to see for myself if my journey to eyebrow fleekness would indeed stop at a dead end. Upon finding out about Better Brows NYC, I met with its owner, microblading artist Kendra Bray, for a consultation. Better Brows NYC was born from Bray’s own microblading experience that left her disappointed, and she even has a tattoo license despite it not being required for microblading artists, so I trusted her to know what was best for me.

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