Essence: I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed and Here Are The Results

My natural eyebrows are sparse, short and practically non-existent.

I’ve spent the majority of my twenties experimenting with different ways to fill them and with each method came a completely different result.

Most makeup artists will tell you that the eyebrows should look like sisters instead of twins. Mine look like distant relatives. So, you can imagine how excited (and relieved) I was to finally experience microblading.

For those who have no idea what the procedure actually is, think of it as semi-permanent tattooing. Using a set of teeny blades on a microblading pen, an expert will use the tool to create hair-like strokes and help plant pigment under the skin, resulting in a practically perfect shape that remains intact for 1-3 years.

After fully grasping this concept, it took no time for me to schedule an appointment with Kendra Bray, Founder and Owner of Better Brows NYC.

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