If you are sick of continuously having to shape your eyebrows, if you’re tired of penciling them in each morning before you leave the house, then you may have considered microblading as an option. Microblading is very popular, and the results are proof that this is one of the best cosmetic procedures around.

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow shaping technique created with colored pigment, which is placed into the skin using tiny needles, like a tattoo. The procedure creates hair-like lines that allow your eyebrows to look natural and full-bodied like you have never experienced before.

Although the procedures have great results when performed correctly by a professional, there are still risks associated, like any other procedure. To lower your chances of these risks, always use a professionally trained experienced technician for the job.

The Risks

The microblading process involves opening into the skin which creates vulnerabilities for infection. Like surgery and tattooing, microblading uses techniques that need 100% hygienic practices and experience. All needles and pigment should only be single use. It is actually New York State Law that a new sterilized prepacked needle is to be presented to the client before performing the procedure.


Due to the risks of the procedure when microblading breaks the skin, there is a risk of infectious diseases and bacterial skin infections like staph, strep, herpes, and even HIV. The use of unsterile equipment is where risks lie, so trusting your technician is of vital importance.

Allergic Reactions

Although it’s not a very common thing, allergies to the pigment used in microblading procedures can happen. It is important to discuss your allergies with the technician before your procedure begins to ensure no known allergens are present.

Home Microblading Kits – Are They Safe?

Home microblading kits should be avoided at all costs unless of course you are personally trained in the procedures. Home kits can cause infection as sterilization techniques may not be up to scratch, and the risk of infections is far higher. Always use a professional to perform the procedure. Would you normally tattoo your face at home? If not, it is best to have a professional perform the microblading in a sterile environment. Otherwise, you may end up with irreversible damage caused by infections.

At-Risk People

People with eczema or rosacea in the brow area should steer clear of microblading as it can cause other issues to arise. It is also not advised to receive microblading procedures when pregnant or when lactating. It is advised that you speak to your physician about microblading if you have diabetes, heart disease or epilepsy.

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