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Lash Line Enhancement Process

The lash line enhancement procedure includes your initial appointment as well as a touchup appointment scheduled 6-12 weeks later. Each appointment will last 1.5 hours. Contacts and lash extensions cannot be worn during the procedure.

Consultation and Design:

Important: Please view our Lash Line Enhancement Pre-Appointment Checklist prior to your appointment.

We will start with a consultation. We will talk about if you wear makeup day to day, what kind of makeup you are wearing, and what you are looking to achieve. Do you want it to be subtle, or a little more distinct? Do you just want your lashes to appear fuller, or do you want a more defined eyeliner line? We will talk about your desired color and density of the line. Some clients want just the lash line filled, others want a slightly thicker line that also extends above the lash-line. If you are always wearing black mascara, maybe you want black? If you don’t want it to be as dramatic when you have no makeup on, a dark brown could be a better option. Are you trying to make your eye color pop? We can add a complimentary color. Lastly the area is thoroughly cleansed and sterilized.


A numbing cream is applied to the lash line on closed eyes for 20 minutes. The active ingredient is Lidocaine. During the 20 minutes wait I will talk to you about the healing stages and aftercare. After 20 minutes the cream is removed. All numbing agents used are PH balanced to ensure they do not cause any harm to the eyes.


You will be laying reclined during this part of the process. I will custom mix a pigment according to your desired color. Your eyes will be closed as my hand will be on top of your eyelid controlling any movement. You will not be able to abruptly open your eyes. I keep control of all movement. I will first start without any pigment to allow you to experience the feeling before we begin. I then start taking the pigment to the lash line. Additional numbing agents are used during the process. I will work on one eye, add extra numbing, and move to the other eye. I will work back and forth between the two until finished. The client then will analyze and approve that the look is satisfactory. Once both eyes are finished we clean the area and apply lubricating eye drops. You will also be sent home with eye drops.

This is the end of your first appointment. You will then go home and heal for 6 weeks and come back for your touchup appointment.

Touchup Appointment:

This appointment lasts 1-1.5 hours. We will first clean the area and see how you retained the pigment from your first appointment. Next, we discuss together if we think we need to add more color concentration or correct any asymmetries. We will also confirm if you are happy with the color or want to alter it in any way. Lastly, we numb for 20 minutes while the eyes are closed and begin the procedure.

You will go through the same healing stages after this appointment. Once healed from your touchup appointment you will be enjoying your new defined lash line hassle free! If you like the look and want to keep up with it, many clients find that around the 1 year mark their color is faded enough that they feel they want a color boost and schedule a touchup appointment. This is a one-time appointment where we just add more color concentration back into the lash line. If you decide you do not want to keep up with your lash line enhancement, most color will be out of the skin by years 2-3.

Lash Line Enhancement Pre-Appointment Checklist

What do I need to know before my Lash Line Enhancement appointment?

1.) Clients must be at least 18 years old according to New York State law to receive any cosmetic tattoo.

2.) We can not work on clients that are currently on blood thinning medications or Acutane.

3.) We can not work on clients that are prone to keloid scarring or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

4.) We can not work on clients that are pregnant or nursing.

5.) You can not wear contacts or lash extensions to the appointment.

6.) Discontinue Retinol products a minimum of 3 days before your appointment.

7.) You will need to keep running water off the eyelids for the first week. Do not schedule right before a beach vacation.

8.) You will not be able to wear eye makeup for a minimum of 3 days post procedure.

9.) If you have a preexisting eyeliner tattoo you must speak with us before your appointment.

10.) Please come to your appointment with your makeup on how you wear it day to day. It will help to start our conversation. We will then remove and clean.

11.) Bring any reference photos to the appointment.

12.) Do not drink an excessive amount of Alcohol the day before your appointment.