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Lash Line Enhancement

$750 (includes first appt and touchup)

What is Lash Line Enhancement, otherwise referred to as:Cosmetic Tattooing, Lash Enhancement Tattooing, and Micropigmentation?
The lash line enhancement procedure involves placing pigment between the lashes as opposed to a line on top of the lashes like a traditional eye-liner. It gives the illusion of fuller thicker lashes and adds a beautiful contrast right next to the eye. The best part is, when you aren’t wearing any makeup, it doesn’t look like you have a distinct eyeliner on. Colors are customized for each client based on desired effect.

An appointment lasts 1.5 hours. The eyes are cleansed thoroughly and a numbing cream is applied to the lash line for 20 minutes while the eyes are closed. All anesthetics used are PH balanced so they won’t harm the eye. After numb, the procedure begins. The clients eyes are closed as the technician uses their hand to apply a small amount of pressure to the clients eyelid while firmly placing their fingers along the lash line. This is to ensure precision in placement of the pigment. The pressure feels comforting to the client, because they don’t have to worry about blinking and causing something to go wrong. The technician maintains control as they use the digital machine to implant pigment. This is done to both eyes and then followed by cleansing the area and applying lubricating eye drops.
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Can I have lash extensions? What if I wear contacts?
Contacts and lash extensions must not be worn during the procedure. Contacts can be used directly after the appointment, while new lash extensions can be applied 2 weeks afterwards.
What kind of pigment do you use?
Regular body tattoos involve carbon based ink, cosmetic tattoo procedures utilize pigments. I use iron oxide based pigments of the highest quality. These pigments are safe to use and are created to slowly fade over time.
How many treatments are needed / Will I need a touch-up?
Many clients only require 1 sessions. However, some require a touchup to add a deeper concentration of color. If a touchup appointment is desired we will schedule it between 6-12 weeks after the first procedure. The touchup appointment will last approximately an hour.
What can I expect immediately after getting a lash line enhancement tattoo?
After the procedure clients should avoid water and makeup directly on the lash line for 5 days. Some dryness can occur as it heals. The color is a little more intense directly after the procedure. Intensity diminishes after the first week, and they are fully healed at 6 weeks. Some clients require a touchup session if a higher concentration of color is desired. Some clients only need one session.
How long will my cosmetic tattoo last?
The pigments won’t wash away like your topical makeup, but they are designed to fade over time. Different factors including skin type, sun exposure, pigment color (lighter colors fade faster), chemical peels coming in touch with the area, will affect how fast the pigment breaks down.

For best results, it is important that you follow up the aftercare instructions and touch up your brows every 1-2 years or as needed.

Most clients come for a color boost after 1 year.

*Please note that final results CAN NOT be guaranteed, as each unique skin type has different retention and breaks the pigment down at diverse rates. We will re-evaluate how your skin has received the pigment during your 6-12 week touch up (included in the initial procedure price) and make any adjustments necessary. Some people may require additional sessions if they have previous tattoos, light hair, very sparse brows or oily skin.)

What factors will affect my cosmetic tattoo?
Oily skin: it can cause the pigments to blur and heal more “powdery” and lighter.

Smoking: smokers may notice their tattoo will fade faster.

Sun Exposure: Increased sun exposure will result in premature fading. Avoid sun while healing and once healed, put sunblock on your brows.

Color of pigment: lighter colors will fade faster.

Bleeding during the procedure: any bleeding will reduce the amount of pigment absorption. Avoid blood thinners prior to and following your appointment, including certain medications (blood thinners, ibuprophen, tylenol, etc.), alcohol and coffee.

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