If you’re reading this, you most likely already know what microblading is – where a beauty technician takes a small blade and deposits pigment under your skin, giving the appearance of hairstrokes to enhance the look of your eyebrows.

It is a great beauty process and one that is increasing in popularity, particularly in the New York area.
Even if you know what microblading is, there are no doubt a range of questions you want to ask; and that’s why we’re here. When you’re working with tattoos and cosmetic procedures that are designed to last, you don’t want to jump in without asking the important questions first.

One of the most common questions people want to know is – How Much Is Microblading In New York City?

So What Does It Cost?

Unfortunately the answer to this isn’t simple and prices do vary. Which is why you should certainly book yourself in for a consultation before you agree to any price. Consultations are generally free of charge and although they aren’t 100% necessary, they are recommended. It will help you understand more about the process and the cost.

The Low Down

To put it simply, it’s not cheap. But beautiful things never are!

The price generally ranges anywhere from $400 to $1600 – depending on where you live and the quality of the salon you’re attending. The price generally includes your consultation, an initial visit, and a follow-up appointment. Make sure to ask if the touchup appointment is included. Some studios do not include it in the price, and then you are surprised later when you need to pay again.

Is It Worth The Investment?

It depends on what you’re looking for personally. Microblading isn’t permanent, like tattooing, but it does last 1-2 years on average. But it will give you amazing brows that look fantastic and give you the ability to change them over time.

The healing process isn’t too long (less than a month), and generally, you can start to enjoy your new brows immediately. With a follow-up appointment about a month after you get them done to ensure they are okay.

Keep in mind that the average person needs two sessions, including a touch-up during their follow-up to ensure their eyebrows look great. Some skin types will retain the pigment better than others – so if you have very oily skin, you might find you need more sessions. Or you may need to have them touched up sooner than those with normal skin.

Be Prepared

The best thing you can do is prepare yourself with the right knowledge and research. Know what you’re looking at getting done, and talk to a professional consultant to ensure your microblading is completed properly. The better knowledge you have, the more worthwhile the investment will be. Ask your technician for a price, and also payment options.

Get in touch with our team to schedule a consultation and start your process with Better Brows & Beauty in New York City.

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