Low-key beauty babes can now be part of the lush lash trend without the fuss of dramatic extensions. The micro-pigmentation eyelash line enhancement is a subtle way to define your eye without the bold look or maintenance associated with a full set of extensions. The treatment will thicken up the appearance of your lashes and provide a flattering color contrast to make your eyes look naturally brighter.

“This kind of lash line enhancement, which I have offered for six months, is making a resurgence since many people want to look their best without having a lot of makeup on,” according to Kendra Bay, owner of NYC-based Better Brows & Beauty. “We achieve a natural look that gives you fuller-looking eyelashes without the annoyance of regular touch-ups,” she explains.

Read the entire article here: https://www.brit.co/lash-enhancement-micropigmentation/

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