There are many eyeliner techniques available on the cosmetic procedure market today, but most of us simply don’t know about them.

Many people in 2018 are looking to procedures to enhance facial features and two of the biggest procedure trends of this year that both celebrities and regular folk are using to are Permanent Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement.

Permanent eyeliner is a tattooing procedure that adds color pigment above or below the bottom of the eye otherwise known as the dermis. Permanent eyeliner is designed to give a thicker permanent eyeliner with a dramatic finishing look.

Eyelash line enhancement is designed more to create an effect of darker eyelashes rather than a permanent layer of eyeliner, which gives more of a natural finished look. Eyelash line enhancement differs from the permanent eyeliner look. Eyelash line enhancement consist s usually of just one thin line of pigment which is implanted between the eyelashes.

Lash enhancement and permanent eyeliner treatments are both perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin, as they are both hypoallergenic.

How Do These Procedures Alter My Appearance?

Eyelash line enhancements fill in between the eye lashes to create thicker, darker and more full lashes. It’s basically a tattoo on your eyelid but performed with an extremely high-tech tattoo gun.

The tattoo itself can be as thin / thick as your own natural lashes and can be done just on top, just on the bottom or on both lashes depending on your preference.

Eyelash line enhancements and permanent eyeliners are the solution for anyone who wants to change the shape of their eyes, or at least give the illusion of different shaped eyes.

Applying permanent eyeliner gives you the opportunity to have eyes in almost any shape you want. Another great feature of these procedures is that the color pigment can be matched to your natural color, so your secret to amazing eyes can remain your own.

Which one is right for me?

Permanent Eyelash Enhancement

The permanent eyelash line enhancement procedure is one of the secrets many celebrities use for the look of full and thicker looking eyelashes. This procedure is perfect for anyone who wants to have the look of fuller or thicker eyelashes without it looking over the top. It’s a great way to enhance your eyes to create a new look.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is for the person who wants a much bolder appearance. Permanent eyeliner gives more defined eyes and correct placement can create the impression of an eye-lift. The role of this procedure is the same as when you apply eyeliner daily, to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

When you’re striving for a look that is going to last in 2018, eyelash line enhancements and permanent eyeliner will give you the advantage of long lasting lashes that stand out. Do your research to find the right color to suit, and decide which option is best to give you the look you want. One thing is guaranteed – your eyes have never looked better!