eyebrow tattoo

When it comes to looking good, you can spend hours making yourself look amazing by adding makeup, hair styling, amazing clothing and more, however if you don’t have a pair of great eyebrows all your hard work will have gone to waste.

The truth is, that without great eyebrows, your whole look can be ruined. How many times have you made it to the final stages of getting ready for a dinner date and messed up your eyebrow lines or some other part of your makeup, wasting valuable time? Most of us have done this at some point, and when it happens you always wish it didn’t.
Glamour is enhanced by a set of amazing eyebrows, but how do you get your brows right every time? The first step is knowing what sort of eyebrow shape will suit your face shape.

Typically, there are six different face shape types – round, oval, square, heart, long, and diamond, and for each face shape there are several types of eyebrow shapes to try. The first step to great eyebrows is by working out your face shape.

Find Your Face Shape:
Round: your face is wider at the cheeks.
Oval: your forehead is wider than your chin, with bulging cheek bones and a narrow chin.
Long: Your face will have the same width from your forehead, to your cheeks and jaw line.
Square: Similar to a long face, except with a square jaw line.
Heart: Similar to an oval shaped face shape, but where the chin points in the shape of a heart.
Diamond: A short forehead, angular features and a wider temple

The most common of all face types is oval, and below are some ideas on how to get the best eyebrow designs for your oval shaped face.

Oval faces are the ideal shape, and those with oval faces have it easy when it comes to hair styling and eyebrow shaping. When it comes to choosing an eyebrow shape for anyone with an oval shaped face, soft angled brow shapes and high arches are a safe option.

The two best eyebrow shapes below are best suited to oval faces.

Soft Angled Eyebrow Shape

The soft angled brow is well-defined but remains rounded. They feature soft curves angles with subtle and soft peaks. They can be created in thick, medium or thin sizes with a low, medium or high arch. During the day time you can go for a simple low or medium brow arch, however for a dramatic night out effect, you can add a bit of height to the arches for impact, as well as additional thickness.

Thick brows are very popular right now, and when combined with high arches, it can give a youthful appearance. If you have strong cheekbones can thick brows will complement your face structure. If your eyes are small, low arches will enhance them, and if you have big eyes, high arches are a better choice, however going too high will make them look unnatural.

High Arches

Oval faced ladies can achieve an amazing eyebrow shape, and current trends feature thick, high arched brows, which makes any oval face look sexier. High arches will help to enhance your facial features and can be used well with full thick brows.